Meltdown and Spectre

People found out that running arbitrary code and important code together on the same computer is not a good idea. Who knew?

But we couldn't have known that even virtualization would offer no protection, right?

(Before I get mails about this: 'Arbitrary code' includes the attack surface conveniently provided by your webbrowser, I know.)

Clarification about beekeepers v2

It seems I was too optimistic in my previous post Clarification about beekeepers. When beekeepers complain about dying bees, they are not talking about one species, they are in fact talking about zero species, because they made those statistics up (backup). I knew beekeepers were a bunch of hysterical esoterics, but that the number of bee hives has actually increased massively in Asia and stayed constant in Europe surprised me. The amount of bad information spread through beekeeping clubs is astonishing.


In good old tradition, Mozilla tries to squander any rise in reputation they have recently acquired through speeding up Firefox.

An unwanted ad plugin in Firefox

Looks like it is "bloatware is uncontrollable even it is free and open source software" o'clock again.

picolist - minimal mailing list

I wrote a little program to set up mailing lists and newsletters without too much hassle: picolist

I did not want any additional software written in C or a scripting language on my mailserver, which ruled out all popular solutions. All I wanted was a reflector (one address that spreads the message to members) anyway, so GNU mailman and the like would have been big solutions to a fairly small problem.

picolist will work with mail transfer agents that are able to forward incoming mails to programs via UNIX pipes and which provide the sendmail command. This is the case for sendmail, qmail, postfix, exim and probably most other MTA software running on UNIX and Linux systems.